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How can you not forget anything?
Use reminders app - Voice Reminder X !
Record a reminder with your voice, and this application will remind you of it at the right moment!
FAST Recording: One touch and your recording is started. 
After recording, just set a reminder date! Very fast!
At the appointed time you will receive a notification!
After opening the notification, your recording will be automatically played.
After playing the reminder, a menu automatically appears in which you can select further actions.
FAST Playback: If you want to listen to any reminder - select your reminder from the list by its date and tap it the playback starts.

Swipe the reminder to the left to the middle of the screen  to edit or to left edge to delete

In the settings menu, you can select a Reminder Sound, turn Private Playback and switch Theme
There is a dark and light theme.
If you accidentally deleted the reminder – don’t worry, just shake the phone and use the UNDO function in the message that appears.
Apple Watch Support
Now you will not forget anything!

Voice Reminder X

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The application supports: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese